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Spider Mites!!

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#76 Guest_tech#53_*

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Posted 25 April 2010 - 04:23 AM

Have checked every plant, and every leaf with a 30X magnifying glass. No bugs to be found. But I am on a two week schedule. They seem to come out of thin air. I had to destroy my entire first crop 3 weeks before harvest because I didn't check for about 5 days and the population exploded. I have three potions I use, Sucrashield, Mite-Rid, and Azamax. I don't want the mites to become resistant to any one product. I have heard that females lay about 100 eggs a day and 70% of the 100 are females. Good luck.

OMG! five days and that was it?

I might be screwed~ A few leaves are clean but some have 5-10-20 of the lil'mutha's. I've only had a handful of dead leaves. regardless I went through and trimmed out a major amount of the fan leaves and am going into my 3rd week of flower~massive amount of buds.

How bad was your crop infested- I mean what are the signs that your losing the battle?

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#77 Happy Helper

Happy Helper


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Posted 25 April 2010 - 09:27 AM

I hate spider mites!

#78 KaK


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Posted 25 April 2010 - 10:00 AM

spider mites suck you could try this it works on the eggs also 30ml concentrated 35%h202 20ml of alcohol the old style Listerine is good 2 ml of detergent or a wetting agent. spray weekly it will fizzle eggs and mites but will not hurt plants or skin. but still try it on one plant that is badly damaged because the plants will be more sensitive to bug sprays after being ate on. hope you can get it under control. kak
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#79 akairan



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Posted 25 April 2010 - 11:49 AM

I don't think I had quite the infestation you have, but I think this is fixable. You have to hit them with something right now. If you have any Azamax, Azamax kills critters and makes plant taste bad so the ones that are left don't like the taste. Can you see any webs. You could start now with a 50/50 alcohol solution (95% strength) and get a q-tip and dip in alcohol solution and clean back of leaf. But alcohol is hard on plant cause it dissolves resin, but immediate kill. You could also use neem oil, you have to slow them down and then totally eradicate them. You might try looking for ways they got to your plants. The bugs got inside my bud and it was hard for the spray to reach them. But Azamax really knocks them down. You can even put azamax in the soil or hydroponics and it will be taken up in roots to plant. Don't give up, just get on it right now. I finally lost everything because I thought it was too late. I could have saved them. And they will come back. If your grow room isn't too close to humans I would get a no-pest strip and put it in with plants. At this point everything you do will help. If room is closed up enough I would get a bug bomb that kills mites and seal room as best I could and set it off. If you need any addresses where to get any of these insecticides please let me know, I have them all. After you get through this harvest, I would sterilize everything with bleach, if you have soil I would either throw it away or bake it to sterilize it and start with new. Hydroponics, bleach all your equipment. Best of luck. Let me know how things go.
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#80 Guest_tech#53_*

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Posted 25 April 2010 - 04:45 PM

nailbiting.gifIt's a room in my house but sealed off two fold-in a room and inside a grow/tent. I picked up some of the hotshot no pest strips and put them inside the 4'x4' tent. :party time: As for how they got in? I'm thinking my wife's cats or the fresh air in was non filtered from my back yard. Could have been me-I didn't take the keep it sterile completely seriously:bonk:. I mean I would come home from work every day and checkout progress with my work cloths still on. I'm leaning towards the cats, more than a few times when I had my back turned they actually got inside the the tent. :bananas: I have to go in for about 10 min today to change the nutrients out but plan on letting the lil'bastages get a 5 to 6 day dose and see how they like it.machine gun

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more detail.

#81 strider


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Posted 25 April 2010 - 05:41 PM

The "Hot Shots" will do it for you. Also getting the humidity up over 60% for a couple of days won't hurt. Only method of mite control I have ever used in my grow rooms. I am also certain that my last mite infestation was gifted by the damn cat. Good luck with the beasties!
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#82 akairan



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Posted 26 April 2010 - 12:34 AM

It sounds like you have the same setup and I do. I don't know how they get in. I don't have a cat, but have 2 dogs, one comes in room but not grow hut. But I have been told they come in on pants legs, shoes, etc., if you walk by a bush they can get on your clothes and then on to plants, God only knows how. I change my clothes and shoes before going into hut. But I am treating every 2 weeks whatever. Have a stool, and my magnifying glass and sit in grow room and look at every leaf that I can and every stem. Had the guy that told me about Sucrashield tell me that a greenhouse and growing huts are Club Med to spidermites. No wind to knock them off plants, no predators, just warm air, lots of nummy plants to eat and they are set. Good luck.
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#83 papadank


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Posted 29 April 2010 - 11:53 PM

God, I hate these little bastards. My veg area was in a bedroom that had carpet in it which is WAY a no no. I got real sick a few month"s ago and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I came home to powdery mildew in my flower tent and Spider Mites in my veg room. Nothing I did worked and I mean NOTHING!!!! Come to find out, they were laying their little bastard babies in the carpet. I clean the plants, the egg's hatch and I have a new re-infestation. This has been the vicious cycle. I moved all the pants to another room where they are now living on plastic and it got a LOT better. I was looking at some plants I have at 21 days today under the microscope and what did I see? YES! The little bastards made on these plants too! I lost control after spraying away $150.00 and went to the hydro shop today and bought 1500 lady bugs! I dumped 50-100 in the old veg area, about 100 on the current veg plants and the rest, over 1000 in the flower tent. Now it's on baby! GENOCIDE! The fungus gnats have gone crazy because the ladybugs are munching them up and some have made it up the plants and are now feasting on a nice selection of fresh, juicy spider mites! Here's a cool picture I took of them. Peace, PD

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#84 Guest_bud_boy_*

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Posted 08 June 2010 - 05:42 AM

Be careful when visiting your local hydro store, especially when someone is buying insecticides for their mite problems. There is a very good chance that you are going to pick up some mite eggs on your shoes and bring them back to your own garden! Always wipe or change your shoes before entering your indoor garden. Sometimes I think the mites are in the bags of coco, etc. -- seriously!!!

#85 Tokecrazy


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Posted 08 June 2010 - 08:23 AM

They got to my ice girl that about to be harvested.Kill the buds big time.Right next to her are two of subcools Qleaner.They don't have a bug one on them.I been watching them close.I have been doing battle with them scent I got a clone of God Bud and the fight has been on.With all the strains I have the JTR and the qleaner don't have any bugs.Some of the others did and they are killed off for now.Like you I have carpet.After this harvest I going to pull out the carpet and put down plastic.I think Lady Bugs are the best you can do all the way through your grows.If I ever take clones from others like I did with the God Bud they will be in a place all there own till they show me no bugs and I will put the Lady Bugs in with them too. Just My 2 penny's. Peace
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#86 Lemonhoko



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Posted 08 June 2010 - 09:06 AM

predator mites work if you are lucky, but most posts here say that the predator mites never eat all of the spider mites especially if your infestation is bad, + many of the insecticide and/or ovicide sprays including neem will kill the predator mites.

I have used predator mites for over 10 years now and will never go back to insecticides.
I dont care how safe the companies say their stuff, I refuse to smoke it.

The secret to using mites to kill mites is timing.
Depending on your infestation and the size of your room the quantity of mites should be enough to atleast start their own colonization.

It isnt cheap to use predators if you are using them exclusively.
I go through atleast 2k mites per month in peak mite cycle.
2k predator mites cost me about 100 dollars.
But thats the price I choose to pay to keep chemicals and oils off my plants. Especially in flower cycle.

I release 1k predator mites when I first detect spider mites, usually early spring or fall is worst for me.
I then follow up 2-3 weeks later with a reinforcement of another 1000 predators. I do this every 3 weeks after for about 4-5 times and I am mite free for the rest of the heavy mite season. Once the spider mites are gone, the predators will turn into cannibals and eat other.

This is why the whole battle and cycle of predator mites are needed with the next detected spider mite infestation.

Its a war..a war of mites. You just need to bring in reinforcements at the right time to sway the battle.
And be patient. They really do work.
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