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Super soil.

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#1 pappy666



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Posted 06 February 2015 - 03:14 AM

Can I get some feedback from anyone who has followed the "subcool" recepie on a large scale.

Super soil / price of other nutes????
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#2 xxPeacePipexx


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Posted 06 February 2015 - 07:54 AM

I have ran the "Super Soil" using Vic Highs old recipe as well as Subs updated. 

In bulk it is actually more economical to produce verses small batches. 


Not sure on your region as this will have a reflection on the costs associated with the base soil. 

I found that it needed a lot of compost in addition to the highly processed organic matter in its recipe. 

This allows it to become more of a living soil and a lot faster then just cooking it with the bulk additives and amendments. 


I wish I could help you more but I only ran this a few times and in the end I prefer to refrain from using animal derived products like bone and blood meals due to contamination issues from the industry. I deal with terminally ill patients so what I do allow in my soil is reflected into their medicine when all said and done.. 


Pound for pound though Super Soil it is not the most economical especially being that it is not generally reused. Nutrients when bought in dry form and in bulk will be the cheapest method and approach if you counting dollars. Media is not so critical then and you can look into many options and choices to run, from coco to hempy buckets and more.


 Lets break it down roughly, say I have several hundred dollars into a bulk batch of super soil for a run. Add it up and the cost of Super Soil production is more then triple when using other soil mixes or economically priced salt based fertilizers unless you cut out those prepackaged base soils blends like Roots. That is the major cost factor when looking into super soil and to be honest I made my own soil base with peat and compost, simple 2:1 ratio using the most premium non-sterilized compost I could find.


Best of luck but do look into buying your amendments in bulk in order to cut down the final cost of each batch. If you shop smart you can really cut the costs down a bit this way. I do think though that you would be best to make it well ahead of time while allowing it to compsost a lot longer then the Cooking that Sub speaks of in his tuitorials. I found the mix to be at its best after 6 months minimal composting time. I stack bagged soils up for the same amount of time as well in order to allow the microbial life to become more then sufficient. 


This mix can be considered initially to be more of an Organic ionic type verses a true Organic living soil. The difference in plant growth between the two is like night and day in comparison. Choice is yours and only yours but do know that the Super Soil should always be kept moderately moist and the top inch should be the maximum allowed to dry out otherwise your just killing off the microbial life that was initially built up by composting


Oh another thing too I found to be most applicable to the Super Soil was adding enzymes to the mix before and after composting as this accelerates the breaking down of the organic matter while offering a catalyst effect for nutrient uptake........




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#3 pappy666



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Posted 06 February 2015 - 08:45 AM

Thanx for your input. I think if I had started the project back in December it may have come through. But such a huge project that the labor may kill me and like you said it wouldn't have enough time to brew.
I've never dealt with an overhead $ this size and brainstorming to be an asset this year.
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#4 CrazyDave


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Posted 12 February 2015 - 07:07 AM

Perhaps consider other recipes other than super soil too :)   I think the TLO recipe is better overall and a lot more time has been devoted to improving it.  Whatever recipe you decide to whip up I find ones that provide nutrients from many different sources work best...doubt you could have "too varied" of a balanced mix.  Most the stuff is available at farm stores in 50 pound bags for reasonable prices or  check out these guys http://www.fertrell....lamendments.htm.  You could use any recipe and adjust it to your preferences as you went along.  I think you would be happy with how cost effectively and easily this could be done especially on a bit larger scale.  For example a 50 lb bag of Kelp will be just north of $50, most the stuff is in the $20-$35 range IME.  Of course ya end up adding stuff like azomite or whatever that wont be this cheap, but still negligible for a large garden. 

I'm aware I did not answer any of your questions,  just my cent and a half.   :D:   

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#5 anothertime


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Posted 16 July 2015 - 09:15 AM

a soil mix is only as complicated as you make it if you have previous grow experience and understand deficiency signs you can always tea or top dress for any and all deficiencies.if you presently have a veg garden that grows good vegetables its as simple as using garden soil and perlite and amending as deficiencies appear.next run you will already know what is to be added to your garden soil.always keep records of additives and results!!!!

myself if i were to start organic gardening i would go back to its roots thinking here vic highs soil mix if you dont mind bone and blood meal as part of the mix or the 3 little birds recipe. 

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