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Can a small dose of RSO stimulate cancer to grow?

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#1 herman



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Posted 15 August 2013 - 03:08 PM

The topic title says it in a nutshell. Now for a more elaborate version ;) My friend has been diagnosed with melanoma. Following this diagnosis there is a life full of uncertainty, one never knows if some malicious cell is wandering through the body, settling somewhere and destroying an organ, a gland or something else. Her first line of defense is to strengthen her immune system by all possible means. One of the things she has been pondering is to take a small dose of RSO to kill a wandering cancer cell before it tries to kill her. She usually responds rather extreme to medication, so the full dose of RSO is something she is not looking forward to, she will probably only take it when it is necessary because somewhere in her body cancer has been diagnosed. Somewhere on the web (unfortunately she can't remember where) she has read that a small dose of RSO can be counterproductive, that it will stimulate a cancer cell rather than cause cell death. The obvious question is: is there any truth in this? I personally find it hard to believe RSO could do such a thing, but as we are dealing with life threatening behavior I'd prefer to see facts or real-life experiences here rather than believes. Thanks in advance for anything you are able to share!
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Posted 15 August 2013 - 11:17 PM

Herman GPwelcome.gif that would be this old study: http://www.thebody.c...nt/art6496.html Fortunately; most of the 'facts' in that study have been scientifically proven incorrect in more recent studies and in fact; cannabis oil has proven to not cause lung cancer and a possible cure--opposite of what that study reports. Granny Storm Crows List has more facts for you to read. I believe it is a 'sticky' in this section. You can google it, too. Taking one small dose and not being able to take a curative dose over time for cancer, is certainly counter-productive and not adviseable; Mostly, it would be a waste of money, not to mention time. What cannabis oil will do is cure skin cancer (melanoma). Purely by applying it to the site and putting a bandage over it and doing this daily until it is gone. I personally believe the ingestion of a curative dose is a viable conjunction to the topical application. If there is a problem with the skin...I feel it must be adressed throughout the system. Not all share that opinion. Apply the oil to the area of the melanoma until the lesion disappears. As far as ingestion of the oil; sort of like chemo, imho...take the full dose or don't bother. If the oil stimulated cancer growth many healthy stoners would be dead. I doubt anyone would be here to report that and there has not been any evidence to support such a thought. I'd be busy with my bucket list, instead of whining on the internet. Probably someone surmised, that taking a small dose would not help and therefore the cancer continues to grow. Or your friend read the above study. Cannabis Oil is Safe and the side effects can be rather fun or entertaining! spineysmilie.gif pr

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