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Diabetic ulcer + RSO = pain?

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#1 MrPlow



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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:39 PM

I have a relative who has a diabetic ulcer on the second toe. Early this summer it got worse, toe turned blue/black and they talked about amputating it, but wanted to wait because they worried that it would not heal after the amputation. Now the normal color is back, but the ulcer is still there and the toe is deformed and "pulled into the foot like a turtle head". I ordered some RSO of the deep web to try to heal it. Sunday, I put some oil directly on the ulcer not wanting to waste too much oil in the bandage as I only had 2 grams. After a short while the toe started to pulsate a bit, not much, but something was going on. We took that as a good sign, that something finally happened after weeks of no change. Today, thuesday, he suddenly got so much pain over a few hours that he had to go to the emergency room to check it out. (he's to fat to reach and I'm over an hour drive away, and he has noone else to help him) I guess pain is not normal in this process? Then what causes the pain? Residues from the solvent? Me putting the oil directly on? Almost forgot. I did my first dab ever on the oil. First a small one, wasn't quite sure what to expect from smoke and taste. Then I took a big one, followed by one of the worst cough storms ever. Started as normal weed barking, but ended up in a 15 min coughing hell, on and off. Is this normal with dabbing or could it be the solvent? ... I know its sketchy to order stuff online, but this vendor only sells cannabis products, bud, oil, ointments, soaps, bathmelts, rectal suppositories, in other words, it all seems professional..
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#2 Tokecrazy


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Posted 14 August 2013 - 07:59 AM

Hello, welcome to GP Stop in the introduce yourself to the family. Yes I think the oil was not purged right or not at all.Not clean of solvents and that can cause problems.There are a lot of posts on making the oil and cleaning it.You can look at Stone Ranger's posts on his No Nonsense.
Here the link for you.https://www.greenpas...-final-chapter/

I would not trust those that are selling it for it sounds like they are in it for the money.There quality of oils and dab's are not purged and you are getting a lot of solvents. Hope you find some help here check the forums they are full of infor that you are looking for. Peace
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#3 painretreat



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Posted 14 August 2013 - 08:48 PM

It is unlikely the oil caused pain, two days later, it would have been immediate. Most report some stinging and discomfort upon application to open wounds, and solvents make that worse.

Did he have any 'feeling' of sensations or anything else, prior to application? pr

#4 MrPlow



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Posted 15 August 2013 - 05:13 AM

Turns out, its quite possible that it started right after application and just got worse to the point where he could not take it anymore. The guy in question is a semi-functional retard/village idiot and can't be fully trusted with what he says, no bad intentions though - long story short. The last few days/week before application he was getting more pain, and spoke with the doctor late friday of getting some painkillers on monday (got the oil sunday). So its quite possible he would have gotten the same pain without the oil also. I have no way to be sure of anything here...... edit: I forget that I almost chocked on the dab, so theres definately something wrong with the oil.... ya, and seller plays insulted and says his oil is some of the best around...

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