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#476 teddys head

teddys head

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 05:00 AM

not sure on this Ellis  :)



Health and happiness

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#477 sandbreak


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Posted 24 February 2014 - 11:29 AM

Regarding the new MFLB batteries: has anyone besides me noticed that they tend to run *really* hot? I accidentally combusted some meds due to their intense power (compared to the batteries they used to ship).

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#478 Ellis9



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Posted 17 May 2014 - 06:37 PM

I just got a new portable vape for my wife and she loves it. She has been using a Volcano for years and it worked great for her. It works so well I've been reluctant to get her a portable as I figured it would be a disappointment. Well we got a good one, an Airizer Solo. Very well made, good features and best of all "easy". It wasn't hard to draw, like some reviews mentioned, got good vape a #5 setting and left no herb under done.

Overall 5 out of 5

And I apologize if it's been talked about already.

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#479 KnuckleDragger


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Posted 17 May 2014 - 06:56 PM

Sounds like a winner to me... :bong:

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#480 Ellis9



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Posted 18 May 2014 - 07:47 AM

The only thing is the chamber is limited compared to the Volcano-which can fill three large bags with solid vape. So if you're a heavy med user it will be more refilling. But, since my wife is in a wheel chair, she can also have it with her when she needs it.

I shouldn't be comparing the Solo to the Volcano, as they're mangoes and guavas.

No more Volcano pump or turkey bag noise in the middle of the night!
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#481 Blue61


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Posted 03 January 2015 - 11:59 AM


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#482 Vitolo



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Posted 13 March 2017 - 09:35 PM

I guess I disappeared in May of 2015.

I felt I owed the members of this forum that frequented "Vaporizer Corner" an explanation... I did not desert my post as a Vaporist, Educator, or procurer of Vaporizers for Low income patients.

The following story will explain what happened to us.

It is all over now, but it sure was a 587 day nightmare.

At 7 pm the nightmare began, that left us out in the street almost naked till 11 pm.
I removed my braces, and lay in bed watching TV, when my wife told me she heard a sound on the street, calling to the occupants of XXXXXX (our address) to come out with our hands up.
I went to door with only underpants on and a cane in hand.. as I opened door, swat team was surrounding my home, and bright lights blinded me...
I was told to walk forward and put down the cane.
I shouted that I could not.. and they had me walk forward, until I was grabbed, and pulled to a car... handcuffed, and put inside of the car.
Panic took over.. it was time for my spasticity meds, and for pain management, and I was sweating and shaking.
Brain Injury left me panicked... and calling for my wife.
The ordeal was far from over.

The team of men entered our home and tore it apart.
They took every vaporizer in my home. Every vape I had collected.
Every unit a maker had sent to us to give to the patients.
Every donation made that was not yet in a home.
They took my candies from fridge, and they took every drop of my meds, leaving me sweating and nauseated.
They took the altoids gum machine from our home.. saying it was a money collection tool, that was in our "waiting room". (the hallway/foyer)
They said I would not be getting it back.
We had Patty's savings in the house.. we were going to have to get a new water heater, and furnace...
The money was in an envelope with my wife's name on it, and the amount of money they said was proof that I was dealing drugs. (it was enough to buy a water heater and furnace, and to pay them to install them!)
They took my essential oils... peppermint all the way to eucalyptus.... No aromatherapy tools.. and nothing left for me here but nausea and tears and pain. I had 60-70 bottles of essential oil that I worked with daily to clear my nausea, and focus on the positive.

They took every drop of Medical Marijuana and wax.
They told me I was in violation, by having almost a pound.. where did I get it.
I explained that I had a growers card until the last change in regulation, which allowed me 12 plants at a time, and entitled me to keep enough of the harvested plant to make myself feel safe that I was covered for a reasonable amount of time.

I was nauseous.
And sick, and confused.
I was also scared.
And without our funds.. our savings taken.
We were told we would likely get nothing back.
That is was the fruits of their effort.

No search warrant was presented.
After the search, They finally came over and handed us the warrant.. wrote our address and the time as they approached(they wrote a time an hour earlier...)
and handed it to us.
They asked me my name.
My name was not on the warrant.. only our address.
Some neighbor may have called them to say they saw traffic here.
No signature or name on the warrant to say "who" felt there was probable cause.
My name is still not on any paperwork, but they told me this is only first step, and we will be having to go to court etc.
We have not been charged with anything.
There is no "official story".
It is an invisible crime!
Due to this there is no news coverage.
The attorneys say that any publicity will force their hand, and cause an arrest.
While some martyrs would relish being taken down by the man for what they believe, my physical state makes me wish to avoid this pro-active stance.
I can be away from home for about an hour before body and chemistry goes South.
Making the police pay a price for my failed health would not be a reward.... but rather a temptation to allow the officials leeway to weigh further upon my health.
We seem to appreciate each other more these days.
Thanks to ALL supporting retailers and vape manufacturers... I had a small but very effective arsenal replaced.
Thanks to community members for hooking it up with a few good portables to get me around also.
Too many to individually thank or mention....
Same goes for the financial aid that got us attorneys... too many to shout out to.
It took a bit but I am back on top of the right strains that can help me.

I also no longer (in only 2 fucking weeks) could walk a straight line.
Legs are back where they were 5 years ago in just 2 weeks.
I felt like my awareness was dulled also.
Patty hag to help me walk and stand.
Things did improve dramatically.
I have an arsenal as I said....
I did not realize how dependent I became on my Volcano and my VB2.
Those back in my life I am walking more normally, and the labored speech pattern has calmed down.
I am feeling like me again more and more... a nervous me nonetheless.
We began our first counseling session.
I looked forward to this as an opportunity to not only exorcize demons hidden within, but to learn more about one another.
Patty and I are blessed to have each other.. that is for sure.
Priorities are what they are. They are external forces.
It is how we frame events in our lives that make us able to move forward, when external forces complicate our thinking.
Then our thinking becomes distorted.
This post is not intended to cause anyone to feel "rage at the machine"
 Patty and I are O.K.
An example:
Patty sometimes to this day gets upset about the man who ran me over (cause of the coma, and the symptoms I now live with). He never was forced to step up and take responsibility.
He left the trailer he lived in, and became homeless and indigent so he would not have to "step up".
I did not know this of course until many months later.
That was an external force that has permanently changed my life and my ability to function.
I calm her upset by explaining that the Universe has a plan for each of us.
Were it not for my Injuries and the accident, I would not have met my Patty.
The Universe had it all worked out for us to meet and be there for each other.
When being chased by a tiger... each time you look back over your shoulder to see how close he is getting, you slow yourself by that millisecond and he gains a fraction of proximity to you.
There is no looking back.
Only forward.
The Raid on our home, has done good things for us.
It has brought us closer, and we each got to see one another in action... as we helped each other stand tall more than ever before.
I hope I do not come off like an evangelist here.
We have been blessed, and are looking toward a life that is as good as it was before all of this happened..
We do not mind any of the court's limitations on us.
None of what we must do while on Probation changes our live's or routines.
The only thing different is that we bear a financial burden.
I think of that part, as Tuition for the University of life.
Love you guys.
Forum activity was only mentioned once we pled guilty, and were at our pre-sentencing meetings.
Our assigned Probation Intake person said:
Probation Intake Officer: "You have quite a following on the MMJ websites"
I nodded acknowledgement, and it was never mentioned again.
Our lives did improve, and other than the financial devastation we will heal over time... and even that we have begun to grow accustomed to.
    •    Attorney costs : We were blessed that most of that came to us through donations and those of Manufacturers.
    •    Probation Fees: This was covered by 2 community members!
    •    Fines and court costs: Patty inherited a small amount of money from her Father when he passed, and had invested it so it could grow. She chose to cash that in and pay the Fines off. The money is gone, but we do not owe the courts or lawyers another penny.
    •    Vape units were sent by a few people, as well as supportive surprise packages. I won't list these, because i am afraid I will leave someone out... it is a Brain Injury flaw to forget important things. You all know JUST who you are that sent us stuff... and we appreciated it greatly!
    •    Patty and I have found Clinical Therapy to be a wonderful experience, that has helped us to cope, and has brought us even closer.
    •    We used to think of the police as our protectors. We now have the knowledge and insight to admit that we were wrong. Some police are devoted to their oaths, but most will lie, and deceive to get the feather they seek in their caps. They took their jobs because they felt weak and insignificant and needed to feel power and control over others.
    •    Not everything is forever gone. There has been some compassionate changes in the courts eyes concerning our case.  I will reveal EXACTLY what transpired in the court, with the Judge, with the "lead detective", with the "anonymous tip" giver.
What we will never do... and what we will do:
    •    We will never get our time back, or our innocent view of the world.
    •    We will never get back all of the money lost.
    •    We will, however get our dignity back (with a few holes punched in our psyches)
    •    We will move forward with pride.
    •    We will also continue paying it forward, and have arrangements made to Pay it forward to the low income, terminally ill patients that we proudly served for 5 years until the day of the raid.


It has been over a year.
15 months.
Community never gave up on us, and our goal is to pay it forward as well.

After the initial shock of the reality in your wallet, you get into a routine..
Having a partner like Patty helps.
People do say that "you can't live on love"
You can stretch your limits though, with love.....
and stretching your limits gets you there if you focus.
Holding my thoughts.. and do not want to get ahead of myself here.....
Thank you.
Simply, thank you.
The positive reinforcement helps peel away layers.
    •    Guilt
    •    Shame
    •    Fear
    •    Anger
    •    Doubt
    •    Resentment
    •    Insecurity
    •    Anxiety
    •    Depression
Begone you little pricks... begone!
We wished to give you the outcome of our ordeal.

We went to 11 hearings.
We pled not guilty, and the judge (a very fair judge) said "you realize that if you don't accept this plea, I can not protect you".. we pled not guilty anyway, but had second thoughts.. and we went back a month later and asked the Judge to please change plea to guilty.
Prosecutor asked for 36-60 months probation and $5000 fine for each of us.
Our attorneys asked for 36 months , but a more reasonable fine.
The judge saw through it all.
She gave us a small fine and 6 months of probation.
The probation officer said we did not have to come to the probation office.
Once a month she visited.
The end of probation came fast.
The judge has ordered that we receive all property back, including triple beam balance, and all vaporizers.
The order directs Tucson Counter Narcotics to turn over the full amount of money with accrued interest. The judge is giving the interest to a youth prevention program... a few hundred to some racketeering fund, and some back to the group that spent (and lost) tens of thousands of dollars on the raid.... Tucson Counter Narcotic Alliance.
We get back a little over half of the cash with all of our stuff.
Our charge became a misdemeanor that day.
The Judge ordered that copies of the directive be sent to prosecutor, and/or to the investigating detective on our case. They will see her attitude about their huge waste of taxpayer funds.
This has caused us therapy, and new medications also... and the conditions Patty and I suffer are improving.
we made it
We are together and we have remained in love and strong.

All of this was complicated because my Doctor of 40 years retired at age 90 right when the raid happened.
We found a new Doctor, but then he closed his office without warning.
Then finally, I turned 65 in a week, and I was forced to find a new doctor without any notice... that would accept:
    1.    A patient that is on BOTH medicare AND Medicaid.....
    2.    A patient that is being treated for a chronic long term disability, with limited longevity...
    3.    A patient that is being treated for Pain a) that takes Narcotic drugs long term and :cool: That uses Medical Marijuana
We found a Doctor.
It was work, and it was difficult to keep focus.
At the SAME darned time as all of this.. I learned that I no longer would receive free medications, as Medicare part D was for those that put in full "quarters" into Social Security etc. etc.
All done. I now get news for Patty and I to digest.
She is covered for medical fully.
I am covered now fully once again.
We have the same Doctor and Pharmacy.
Next on that same day... we learned that our case was only a misdemeanor
Later that day... we heard from attorney that we get our stuff back even though we applied a year late.
Prayers meant for us surely did arrive our way.

That night, 3 patients out of touch with us called to say hello, catch up and re-establish communication.
The Universe has spoken.
It is telling me that I should discuss the future.

We went and got our stuff back on Dec 20th 2016.
That is a long time from May 18 2015.
A comical part of the return is that the police report says they took a Kyocera cell phone, and one Samsung Cell phone.
The idiots returned to us 3 Kyocera Cell phones (they multiplied in seclusion!).
I painstakingly counted each item out loud, as two witnesses looked on and all was preserved on camera!
I was especially elated to receive our essential oils.
I have had stomach issues since then, and today while cleaning the oils and preparing to integrate them with the newer oils, my stomach felt easy, and for the 1st time in almost 2 years I did not feel morning intestinal illness, nausea, crippling constipation and all of the other complications that accompany chronic colon difficulties..
Oils being diffused now make me feel well in the stomach.
P.I.F. (paying it forward) began yesterday in a bigger way.
An old patient of ours with MS came, and left with an Vapor Brothers Box, and an EZ Vape as a backup. (EZ Vape = a generic box vape).
She also left with two batteries and a Yocan Cerum.
We have patients lined up for the future.
The gal with 5 cysts on her liver, and a myriad of other pains and Fybromyalgia will get from us TWO flowermate V5 units.
One functions well, and the other over the last two years lost battery power to recharge ....
One great one, and one for her to use as spare parts.
Life goes on for us.
You will be hearing more from us now.
Much hope, and a Golden day to all.
Please feel Patty and my love also.
It sums it all up for us.
OK... I promised to share the day at the Police Evidence and Property Facility.
This will take a few back to back posts, but I believe it is worth you seeing me reunited with my Possessions.

Attorney holds bag open as I count

A Lotta Stuff

Putting it in car

Outside the facility
WE are done, as cop cars and undercover cars sit in the background.

The following images are:

  • My very 1st Zap
  • Welcome home VB1... this one has been in 3 homes!
  • The front one is Mabel.... she used to be orange in color!
  • Essential Oils are back
  • Getting Set up
  • I forgot about you!! You have served in a dozen homes!!
  • Vapir Units all in place!
  • Herbie is home~
  • I can't believe they didn't Break you!
  • Charging up all Solos
  • Glass was safe in most cases.
  • SSV Standard HCs
  • Making Logs neat... remembering their order.












The Vape room is recovering and getting it's mojo back!



And now our thoughts upon conclusion:

Our Results
2016 (and 2015) get away from our door,
You are not wanted around any more,
Too many tribulations to bear,
Poorly written laws to hear,
Patty and I made it through till end,
Final outcome, our wills did not bend,
Vapor Trail Gang... all tried and true,
We'd have walked alone if not for you.

Positive things occurred to ease our lot,
Therapy and love sure hit the spot!
What happened here can happen to others,
Stick by your Vaporization sisters and brothers,
So.. treat 2017 with grace and respect,
This year could be good, better than you expect!
Clean your messes with spiritual mop,
And for God's sake.... Never Trust a Cop.

Edited by Vitolo, 18 March 2017 - 11:24 PM.

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#483 KnuckleDragger


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 09:40 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your cop caused disaster, but it's good to know you came out of it in one piece...

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#484 IammuA


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 10:01 AM

Vitolo, th@'s a saga and a half mate! :passit:

 Glad SOME saw reason and some return has been made.



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#485 Vitolo



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 11:31 AM

I haven't read the this whole thread yet, but was wondering if anyone uses the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0?

my wife uses a Volcano, and I was thinking about getting her another vape.

Any thoughts or rumors?

I do.

The Extreme Q 4.0 is a good vape, but won't give as thick of a cloud as the Volcano. (at least not for as long a session), as it holds

less meds.

There are good parts to the "Q"...

It does conserve on meds, and can be used with a whip as well.

There are many parts that come with it, so there will be some learning going on.

Patients that like to have a variety of ways to use a tool like the "Q" a bunch.

The bag blows up a bit more slowly than the Volcano, but the unit has a remote control, and you can have the bag situation set-up, at might, and in morning

just hit the button. By the time you are up the bag will be full.

If she has the Prince of Bag vaporizers (Volcano) perhaps the second unit should be I desktop quality portable, like an Arizer Solo.

Perhaps even a straight up whip vape, like an SSV, CBV, or a Vapor Brothers Box unit.

Different delivery systems do provide a slightly different medicating effect.

An Arizer Solo, is economical on meds used, and gives wonderful sessions, that are not plugged into a wall, so it can be used in the garden, or around the house without carrying around a bag full of vapor (don't get me wrong... I love my Volcano also!).

It is my hope that I did not confuse things!


I just realized I am answering this post 3 years late!... sorry I have been gone for a while!

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#486 IammuA


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Posted 14 March 2017 - 12:05 PM

but the answer still stands and is valid! muahahaha...it will help the next peep along who reads the thread ehhehe



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#487 Vitolo



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 03:05 PM

I have more cautiously re-made a number of videos.

If ANYONE here has questions about any of the Vaporizers in my signature, or want to see a particular topic concerning any unit,

just ask. I will post a video, or images that might help.

I am here to serve.

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#488 Verwegener



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 05:08 PM

but the answer still stands and is valid! muahahaha...it will help the next peep along who reads the thread ehhehe




That is!


(Getting through your and your wife´s story makes me feel sad, but as far as I understand (english is not my native language) you both have still hope, and love in your hearts!)


As it seems at the momemt I will soon be one of the very first patients in Germany to get medical cannabis prescribed, and paid by health insurance.

So I am looking around as I will use a vaporizer, didn´t use that before. The good ones are very expensive, with some luck I will get one paid by insurance, but then

it has to be what they provide, this is an "Aromed",




don´t know this is sold outside Europe, but maybe you know that?


Peace, Martin

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#489 Vitolo



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 06:00 PM

First off... congratulations on your new situation!

One of Germany's 1st!

I do know the unit, and it is a good one.

I wish the would get you an "HerbalAire" also popular in Europe.

The Aromed you speak of is close to one of Europes favorite vaporizers... the "Verdamper".

You do not have to put water in the glass if you want the hits to be dry.

The aromed is a very functional piece. :salute:

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#490 Vitolo



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 08:20 PM

I think I like! http://flashvape.com/ I've yet to decide on a vape, but getting closer. Thanks Vito!

Since then they came out with stage 2 (more convection) and a PA to go with it (power adapter)

They just released the FV GongVape this year

We have redone some videos due to privacy issues.

Anyone needing to see any video action of a vaporizer, just speak up. If I don't have one I will make it... and if time is of the essence, I will post another vid from a friend!

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#491 Vitolo



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Posted 15 March 2017 - 12:05 AM

There have been many vapes around here since I left in 2015.

These are videos of some of them in action:

VB2 (Cheesebox) with water.

Indica Vape

Inhalater XP


Herbalizer with Glass Tootie

Lid for a Volcano

LSV with wax and cotton


E-Nano with Ed's TNT stem

Herbalizer with water and shortened whip

An idea for storing your coils (heaters) for wax pens so they do not clog, and the wax stays up high (in a mirror-like sheen)

Vapure Genie

Vapir Rise

Daisy (now called Sticky Brick)

The DBV oil Rig video is at http://www.greenpass...orner/?p=490666

The next video is about Cleaning the DBV oil Rig

Haze Dual

can Evolve Plus

7th floor Sidekick

7th floor SideKick with bubbler

Yocan Torch

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#492 Vitolo



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Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:09 AM



Vapor Brothers vape (the ORIGINAL box vape... all others are copies)

Glass Sherlock Vapor Genie

And that about catches you up, on a number of the vapes that passed through here since my absence.

Most of these have gone to Low income chronically or terminally ill local patients.

If you want to see another unit function, ask... and I will post it.

Thank you for letting me share.

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#493 Vitolo



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 03:49 PM

I have a new Vaporizer to talk about....

It is called Vaped Flora by Micro.


The Micro Vaped Flora
by Uncle Vito​

The Micro Vaped Flora uses an innovative vapor delivery system which features an internal glass compartment and glass mouthpiece. Glass on glass is what you get with the Flora.
The inner chamber is a tube of solid Glass.
This is where you fill the unit. The bottom of the chamber is part of this one piece chamber... it has holes in the bottom. Herbal matter does not get stuck in these holes, as you are inhaling from the top.
You slide the mouthpiece up, and fill the chamber....
touch the button 5 times, and the button turns red.
It takes about 30 seconds for the button to turn green, and you are ready to start the session.
There are no temperature settings to mess with, just the one setting.
It feels to me like it is between about 380º and 390F.
The flavor is absolutely great with this unit.
The sessions go about 5 minutes.
After a couple back to back sessions, the metal at the top and the glass begins to be hot, but not too hot for Vaporist lips!
The box comes with one extra glass mouthpiece, that slides into the glass chamber. The inner glass chamber does not get sticky, as its entirety is heated... and full of herb, only the top needs cleaning, and it has my favorite feature of all.... A SHORT VAPOR PATH!
I can not emphasize how much I like this unit.

  • On/Off button and a 1 inch vapor path to clean.
  • Herb touches only glass.
  • 30 second warmup time.

Color me sold!
Video done at computer webcam, so pardon the graininess~

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#494 IammuA


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Posted 17 March 2017 - 11:47 PM

kudos...these instructional vids are helpful.




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#495 Vitolo



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Posted Today, 10:58 AM

I just got a few of these in for the community.
I tried it without filling the water chamber ( I am not a fan of water filtration) and liked it dry very well.
The sessions were short, but I could get right back where I was very fast.
Different from Flowermate and other similar vapes in that the oven is at the bottom like the Pax
A tutorial ....
Looks like some recent portables in shape and size.
Bottom oven like a Pax (the button that says push, ejects the vapor-
path/bubbler that will snap back into place)

The ejected bubbler.

Take it apart and fill it.. I used it dry

Click it back in place.

Attach mouthpiece

Window shows bubbler water

Digital control to the degree.. gets there fast and vibrates.

There is a light (you can turn on and off) behind the bubbler for effect.
I had a good session, and will talk more about the unit later.... this is a simple pictorial review,
about a novel and very effective and flavorful unit with an all glass vaporpath.
I do not like filtration, but the concept is sound.

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#496 Vitolo



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Posted Today, 02:18 PM

I tried the Vivant Alternate today, and loved it.
The Alternate is a donation for a Low Income Patient in my local area.
The recipient (undecided yet) will have an enjoyable time with this unit.
I was about to go buy an 18650 battery for it, when I realized I could borrow one from another unit I have in the house.
My experience with the Vivant was a very positive one all the way around.
It takes a couple of minutes to get up to heat, but it does heat up faster than most convection based portables.
It has wonderful convection flavor, and The settings felt precise to me.
I set the unit at 380º (F) and enjoyed many hits, all having the unique convection flavor.
It took two sessions to finish the load.
Here is one of the sessions:

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