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Medical Marijuna Is Not Recreational

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#26 Desert Woman

Desert Woman

    Medicine Woman~Staff

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Posted 28 February 2011 - 11:07 AM

For me, it was a no brainer to get a doctor's note and be legal. I see no reason to be treated like a drug dealer and a criminal any more than I already am. Most folks expect me to act ashamed and embarrassed about what I do. And that simple piece of paper gives me credibility that i would not have otherwise. It is inaccurate and unfair for us to be treated like criminals for bringing something benign and beneficial to folks. Although, I believe the laws to be unfair, I want to ensure my safety and wellbeing and that of my patients as much as possible. So, I follow the laws as they are written. Lucky for me, Prop #215 is a very well written law and has stood the test of time, It has been challenged over and over in county after county and has prevailed. The laws and attitudes toward the use and cultivation of cannabis have changed more quickly and dramatically over the past several years and will continue to do so. imho
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#27 PoeticLife


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Posted 28 February 2011 - 09:12 PM

Thanks for your post Storm Crow. All usage is medical, whether preventative, as a treatment, makes no difference. To split groups would be detrimental to the movement as a whole.... there is strength in numbers, to divide would be to fail. If not for the original stoners way back when who knows how far behind we would be in all the research and possibilities of what this wonderful plant can do for so many of us. We need to stick together on this, not separate. I "now" use medicinally, but when I look back to when I had my "party days", even then it was helping things. There are times I don't necessarily care to be stoned, high is good.. but stoned is something I want to "choose when", so I smoke accordingly.. daytime stuff.. night time stuff... different things for a different purpose. But to smoke with no high whatsoever is not what I want either... well maybe on a bad pain day and if I had to go somewhere, then the high gets in the way... but I plan accordingly for that as well. I thank the powers that be that this plant is among us... I don't think I could get thru this journey if not for my mj, it might not be much, but any I can afford is a worthy expense.... I skip pharmas when possible only because I have the option of mj, even if not in a medical state, I'd be damned if someone was going to tell me what quality of life I was "allowed". I do and will continue to do what I need regardless. If not for mj, I'd be told by drs. to take upwards of 13 pills a day... I can't avoid all of them, but I certainly have reduced them. And the over 50 comments in the blog just threw me... there are alot of young sick people out there... illness cross all boundaries, age included. We are only beginning to find out the benefits and healing properties of this wonderful plant. Ok, done. Strength in numbers!!!! <<--hugging my baggie of mj :rolleyes:.... off for a smoke.
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#28 Guest_LieutenantDan_*

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Posted 28 April 2011 - 05:53 PM

Amen I'm on the all for one and one for all boat. full legalization and regulation just like alcohol and tobacco with the freedom to grow your own. give the market the freedom to grow and colorado has shown economic viability and i believe it will lead the way to showing the country how its done.

Um, sorry, maybe I'm just have one of those mornings, but I don’t party and I’m not “sick”. Furthermore, I feel like your spreading disinformation in that some of what you speak of can be applied to many other plants that we as humans consume, which are highly desired, and are legal. In addition, you seem to be implying that you want the governments to “draw” a line between medical and recreational users (which they have). Therefore, I would still be living in fear of my government, in which contradicts the Jefferson quote. As far as I’m concerned, marijuana does not have side effects, it has the desired effect for my spirit and my human flesh.

“Human knowledge is conditioned by the power of
the human mind and by the extent of the sphere in
which objects evoke human sensations. Perhaps there
are in the universe things that our senses cannot perceive
and relations that our minds cannot comprehend.
There may also exist outside of the orbit we call the
universe other systems of things about which we cannot
learn anything because, for the time being, no traces
of their existence penetrate into our sphere in a way
that can modify our sensations.” – “THEORY AND HISTORY”, LUDWIG VON MlSES

#29 Guest_LieutenantDan_*

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Posted 03 May 2011 - 03:48 PM

awesome, couldnt have said it better and ive tried.

the politicians are dividing us on purpose. Divide and conquer. Don't play into it. It is just another trick. They want to control the money.

Medical has done more to change the laws concerning cannabis more than last 30 all the years of protest and voting combined. Mainstream society is watching their family and loved ones come back from the brink of near death illnesses all around them and not getting sick from the "treatment". Medical use is enlightening the world of cannabis harmlessness and value.

It is not a matter of "stoners" supporting Medical, or the other way around. It is harmless and beneficial and good for folks regardless of their situation in life.


#30 spellcheckdependant



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Posted 08 March 2012 - 11:32 PM

I use medicinal cannabis for stress, After starting I have reduced my blood pressure meds from 3 to 1. and only once a day.
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#31 GreenWeaver



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Posted 28 November 2012 - 02:05 PM

Greetings fellow patients, caregivers and recreational users, Let's be glad and rejoice for brave scientist and activist who put their FREEDOM on line to expose the truth about this VEGETABLE (cannabis). HUMAN ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM;...to boldly go where no human have gone before! This is one ship where all of humanity will take weather we like it or not. Colorado and Washington 21 yrs and older may use for RECREATIONAL purpose. I don't want to loose the freedom to grow my own vegetable the way I want (ORGANIC, OMRI approved). Let's push for OMRI approved for all product fed to our land, oceans and air. See you on board "EVERYONE!!!! Love and Peace, GW
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