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Beyond Cannabinoids

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#1 Itinkso


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Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:24 AM

this is from a post by radic over at phoenix tears!!....cool information!! Beyond Cannabinoids The terpenoids, like the cannabinoids, defend the plant against predators. Limonene and alpha-pinene are insect repellants (identified as such by John McPartland). CBG acid and THC acid are known induce cell death in insects. Terpenoids are present in small amounts but are very potent. Terpenoids are derived from 5-carbon isoprene units and come in different flavors: monoterpenoids (10 carbon, 2 isoprene units), sesquiterpenoids (15 carbon, 3 isoprene units), diterpenoids (20 carbon, 4 iso-prene units) and triterpenoids (30 carbon, 6 isoprene units). Limonene, which gives citrus its characteristic scent, is a monoterpene (10 carbon atoms) from which various terpenoids are synthesized by steps not yet worked out. Russo called limonene “a potent anti-depressant” and described a study in which a citrus scent wafted onto a psychiatric ward enabled people to get off anti-depressants. Myrcene is an analgesic that probably works on the opioid receptor system. (It’s effects are blocked by naloxone, an opioid antagonist.) Myrcene is also anti-inflammatory, sedating, a muscle relaxant. One study involving mice showed that it potentiates the sleepinducing effects of barbiturates. Myrcene also blocks the cancer-causing effects of aflatoxins (from the fungus on peanuts). Linolool, a component of lavender, is an anti-anxiety agent. It has sedative effects when inhaled by mice at low dose. It’s also, according to Russo, a local anesthetic and anticonvulsant. Pinene has anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory properties. “If you go into a pine forest for a walk to clear your head it’s probably a very real pharmacological effect,” Russo said. Several studies indicate that it enhances memory by inhibiting acetycholinestrase Beta-caryophyllene is the most frequent sesqueterpine or 15-carbon terpene in cannabis. It is anti-inflammatory and protects the lining of the GI tract (in contrast to non-steroidal anti-inflammatories). It has antimalarial properties. Russo summarized the finding presented by Gertsch at the ICRS meeting that Beta-caryophyllene is a potent selective CB2 agonist. Nerolidol is a trace element in citrus rinds, a sesqueterpene alcohol that Russo said “easily gets through the skin and is used to drag other things in.” It has sedative and anti-malarial properties. Caryophyllene oxide, the chemical by which sniffer dogs identify cannabis, decreases platelet aggregation. As an antifungal, Russo said, it is “comparable to standard agents in its ability to treat nail infestations.” He foresees potential for an insecticide that would be nontoxic to humans. (Caryophyllene oxide is an FDA-approved food additive.) Phytol is a diterpene with 20 carbons —a breakdown product of chlorophyll that Russo described as “ubiquitous — any dried spice or vegetable matter is likely to have some phytol.” It is known to prevent certain congenital malformations. Russo said that phytol “has some sedative influences and might be the reason why so many teas are considered relaxing. Very little work [has been] done on it despite how common it is.” Flavonoids are also active ingredients in cannabis. “Flavonoids are up and coming in phyto-medicine,” Russo said “because they’re very strong in anti-oxidants that may have a role in preventing aging.” He singled out apigenin, a flavone known to be “a very effective non-sedating anti-anxiety agent —probably the active agent in chamomile, the reason that it’s a relaxing tea... It’s also anti-inflammatory via inhibition of tissue necrosis factor-alpha, which might make it useful in treating MS or rheumatoid arthritis.” Russo also mentioned cannflavin- A, which might work to reduce fever (by inhibiting release of prostaglandin E2 by blood vessel walls in response to infection). Russo called cannflavin A “an effective antiinflammatory agent that’s unique to cannabis. But it’s had no recent investigation.” Asked to sum up the evidence that compounds present in such minute quantities in cannabis could be exerting strong effects, Russo cited inhalation experiments in rodents that produced measurable serum-level changes, and widespread reports by medical cannabis users that different strains produce markedly different effects. this is from a lecture by Ethan Russo at the IACM meeting hes a bit susss he works for GW pharmaceuticals so there are conflicts of interest in his work but the info is interesting radic
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#2 DEBhasgrn


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Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:32 AM

This is very interesting, I would love to read more if it is out there or are they waiting for more research,, Is there nothing this herb can not do for us all?? It so puzzles me as to why we have to work so hard at speeding the word and for the people to get it,, There has got to be more scientist dedicated to what they stand for who is willing to go against the system in order to do his passion, what he went into science or medical school for..
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#3 Radic



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Posted 25 October 2010 - 08:04 PM

this info may well be exaggerated
that canna be ascertained from this info
its is not BS
he cant lie he will get caught out and lose credibility
but embellishment is certainly on the table
cause to forward this info is in Ethan Russo's interest
he works for GW Pharmaceuticals
they pay him to promote their products
he makes a very good living from selling cannabis medicine
i have been checkin GW for some time now
i hadnt read a bad report on GW till they sold out to a multinational just recently.,.,.
a UK news paper reported a woman MS sufferer is paying $450br a mth for sativex
is this a mistake?????, bad reporting????? or GWs true colors?Posted ImagePosted Image??
are they really just
vampires living off the blood of the sufferers??????
i dont know
but at that price,.,., one hafe wonder
sativex is 100% cannabis tincture
in a oral spray applicator<--- no doubt the most exe part
if you ever made some cannabis tincture yourself
you will know how cheep and eze even the highest quality cannabis tincture is to make
you will also know why Ethan Russo makes such a,.,.,., very good living

good people
take heed
there is a serious conflict of interest in his lecture
this doc it looks more like a advertising blurb from GW than any scientific study
check the att
Attached File  Russo on Terpenes.pdf   57.67KB   9 downloads

irey guidance
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#4 Itinkso


    hemp healer ( and one crazy lady)

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Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:32 AM

thanks for that radic....i just read your follow up post at PT and was getting ready to bring it over and here you are!!!...LOL!!!.....you did it for me already!!!....thanks again!!!

#5 eloquentsolution


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Posted 06 December 2010 - 11:03 PM

great info. take the good, throw out the bad!
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#6 thirdlung



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Posted 09 December 2010 - 09:46 AM

very intersting
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