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Buell Back In Business With 1190Rs

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#26 Bueller


    Good Bye

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Posted 22 March 2016 - 05:05 PM

damn... lots of HD hatin' going on in this thread.  shame to see on GP.


Agree bro... 8 years after the fact, HD broke my bond, been on em since 1968, had a 66 XLH then a 56 Straightleg Pan Chopper, XLCH, flat tracked the XR750 and an old KR.. Sporties up until I threw a leg on a Buell


Supported every racer on dirt, bonneville up to Michael Barnes in the 90's... then found Buell had done to a chassis what needed to be done to make them handle on pavement,,, I  was hooked and still basically Harley powered and racing again,,,


Close but no cigar year after year at Daytona even with the XBRR,, just couldn't quite hang until Danny Eslick won the AMA Sportbike, first championship outside of dirt since Cal did in in 71 or 72... 


Unfortunately, HD had a new CEO from Johnson Controls, never threw a leg over a bike and 30 days after we finally won, he shut the company down, and stopped the brand just when shit was getting good for American made sportbikes,,,,,,


So after 40 years, I bailed, broke the bond when they shut the Buell Motorcycle Co down, and it made profit and brought lots of smiles, believe me, it is a feeling I waited for since 1965 on my Rupp...


Not hate, but no allegieance after 40 years  , they done me wrong,,

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#27 BikerPepe



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Posted 22 March 2016 - 11:32 PM

sorry to hear you had to part ways... but it sounds to me, like you had a craving for something that wasn't meant to be a part of HD production.


Look at it this way... they tried to expand in a direction they really weren't suited for.  The guy they brought in to do that did well... but the shoe just didn't fit in the long run.  He moved on and is finally recovering from the distraction with a great deal of education and experience gained and getting successful in the desired field.  HD is moving back to what they know they can do and do well.


I don't see it as a problem.  Sometimes we try things and they just don't work out... for many reasons.


No one company can do it all and maintain any real, solid base. :shrug  I'd rather see HD focus on what they know and what they are known for, rather than compromise on either end to try and do something others are already doing and doing well.


I've had a love/hate deal with HD all my life due to many of their decisions over the years as well... I'll spare you the details, many of which you likely know but it's not like a girlfriend for me, ie: you done me wrong and now we're done.  It's more like a bad parent... you suck and that was messed up, but if you at least make a solid effort... I'll forgive you. ;)



I can't claim to have been in the wind as long as you brother but being 3rd generation and growing up with all the angles, I have a rather unique view myself.  Truthfully... I'm glad to see some of the hate, not from the true road lovers but shaking off a few rubs won't hurt my feelin's none.


besides, if they made 'em perfect, I couldn't be as proud of the modifications I've made to my own.  that's part of the charm, imo.

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