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Cannabis and work...

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#1 Storm Crow

Storm Crow


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Posted 29 June 2010 - 06:56 PM

You know how folks keep hassling about cannabis in the workplace? Besides the possibility of liability in case of an accident, I think that half of what employers are afraid of is a loss of productivity! Well it doesn't seem like thy have too much to worry about, according to this abstract.

Operant acquisition of marihuana by women. (abst - 1985)

Marihuana acquisition and use patterns were studied in 21 women on a clinical research ward. Women could earn one 1-g marihuana cigarette or 50 cents in 30 min of performance on a second-order Fixed-Ratio 300 (Fixed-Interval 1 sec:S) schedule of reinforcement. A 7-day drug-free base line was followed by 21 days of marihuana availability and a postmarihuana drug-free period of 7 days. Five heavy marihuana users smoked an average of 6.1 (+/- 1.45) marihuana cigarettes per day and increased marihuana use significantly through time (P less than .001). Seven moderate marihuana users smoked an average of 2.72 (+/- 0.16) marihuana cigarettes per day and used significantly less marihuana through time (P less than .01). Nine occasional marihuana users smoked less than one cigarette per day (0.90 +/- 0.22) and maintained stable patterns of marihuana use. Women who increased marihuana use during the premenstruum reported significantly greater premenstrual dysphoria on the Premenstrual Assessment Form than women whose marihuana use decreased or remained the same (P less than .05 to .01). There were no marihuana dose-related effects on operant performance. The heavy, moderate and occasional marihuana smokers did not differ in operant purchase points earned, hours worked or money earned. Each marihuana dose-group earned an equivalent number of purchase points during the drug-free periods and the period of marihuana availability. Some subjects continued to work for money when smoking 15 to 20 marihuana cigatettes per day and periods of maximal operant work coincided with periods of maximal marihuana smoking (noon to midnight).:)

(Why can't I get into a study like that?
:)) So, "stoned to the gills"or not, they did the same work! Someone ought to tell the employers about this!

Granny :peace1:

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#2 DEBhasgrn


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Posted 29 June 2010 - 07:17 PM

Ya I'd love to participate in a study like that,, There is so much research out there that proves the non believers wrong,,, and we still are working hard to get the herb legal...It's crazy

#3 foxlikemad



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Posted 03 September 2010 - 04:56 PM

see i can attest to this alot because i know abunch of people who smoke before work during their breaks and after... some of them when they are out of weed regret even going to work... so for some people it makes a job more doable... sry about my grammar... but depending on the strain some people will actauly work better more precise and be able to get more done sooner... one such strain that worked very well for me was headband grown well. it allowed me to multi task without loosing any attention for any of the tasks i was doing... and considering i can have four different conversations going at once when im sober and keep them all seperate... i think this is a great thing to be doing research into...

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