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Want CBD, not THC?

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#26 KnuckleDragger


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Posted 20 July 2011 - 09:40 AM

You can build your own vape. I put up a pdf awhile back called "build your own bong https://www.greenpas...__1#entry369349 . Its really not too tough though I would use a somewhat higher wattage iron and add a light dimmer to the circuit to control temp. You can use a cheapie infa-red thermometer like this http://www.homedepot...catalogId=10053 to set your temp.
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#27 sandbreak


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Posted 20 July 2011 - 11:25 AM

Many thanks, KD!

I want to avoid combustion entirely... just not for me. And I should clarify a bit: I can spend *some* cash on a decent vape, but some of the highly touted ones (like the Volcano) strike me as being very overpriced.

Guess I'm really after temp control and hitting the CBD side of things. Have had more than enough fuzzy-headed days and nights with prescription pain meds (pharma) and don't like that feeling at all.

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#28 walksbeauty



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Posted 17 August 2011 - 10:47 PM

Ion Magic, you are incredible to me! I joined this forum after seeing the above post from Granny about CBDs & scrolling down, found your post here... because I feel SO similarly to you about almost everything you wrote, I signed up so I could comment here! I have only been a legal patient exploring all the possibilities for 7 months... And, I too, see my youth & energy being restored when before, I was feeling like I was going downhill fast both physically & emotionally.

Now I am sharing the topicals I've created (smoking is not how I medicate except two tokies at night of good Indica to sleep) flyingsmiley.gif with other legal patients by working closely with producers here. It is like my life was given back to me by cannabis in so many ways! I feel better & whole-er by the day. I get what you say about the saturation... at first I was prob'ly so depleted I was taking the Cure Oil 3-4 times a day (a year ago) ....suckin it up! Now I take it once a day, ONE drop is all! And some days none at all.

I have been through a couple of healing crises & my inner guidance "told me" to stop the Oil for a few days & let my body "catch up" with all the changes it was being stimulated to by the medicine. It has been a powerful journey & I have such a deep love & connection & appreciation for the plant that I know it is a huge calling & activism for me!

Thank you for giving words & voice to so much of what I feel, too. Blessings & more & more Light as the cannabinoids flood your cells & DNA! Restructuring at it's best!

Ion Magic wrote:
granny, you are AMAZING and a gift to the world....thank you.

I'm in love with cannabinoids...CBDs....which regulate our endocrine system though CBD receptors, which regulates and harmonizes ALL our other body systems....and which soothes and calms like a kiss from a goddess...CBDs are miraculous to me!

It was the THC that brought me to cannabis many decades ago....for the sporadic escape and relief it provides...but its the CBDs that left their taste in my consciousness, and turned me into an advocate, and a serious, dedicated medicator and "unlegalization" advocate...and led me to my mantra....FREETHE PLANT!

CBDs are, at least for me...miraculous, and a swear....rejuvenating....all the little "deteriorations" of an old lady's body....are disappearing....just falling away, one by one....and quickly forgotten....my skin, my hair, my eyes, my hearing, my creeks and crinkles and groans....my pain, my raging hormones, my lack of energy, my feeling like a walking death, my muddy thinking, my uninspired creativity....all of it....are being restored to their earlier function. I swear...I've lost 20 years of aging in the last two years as a medical marijuana patient ...because of the cannabinoids....and I'm just getting started!

I get my CBDs from organic, outdoor homegrown sativas....and I medicate by eating and topical oils, rather than smoking or vaping. One little dropper of cannabis tincture (glycerine) under the tongue in the morning and another one at night....and three square medicated meals, and I'm like a fairy sparkle all day long, and a sleeping giant at night....without being stoned. And, when I'm particularly healthy or fiesty, i can just vape or smoke some of the precious bud for a nice phat kick in the consciousness. I use every molecule of the plant, not a single bit goes to waste. Today its sweet potato pie, the crust made with cannaFLOUR I ground myself and cannabutter I made from shake, stems, and every single leaf....what lovely color...green and orange!

When i first starting using cannabis for the cannabinoids just under two years ago, my body was THIRSTY...and I couldn't get enough...I put cannabutter and cannaolive oil on EVERYTHING...and slathered it all over my skin all day long.....and i took tinctures and elixers... I just used and used and used ..constantly.....until, before long, the "satisfaction" stabilized..that awful "gnawing" feeling disappeared.... and now I sometimes go all day and forget to medicate....truth! I'm quenched, and suspect I'm either at a maintenance level, or have some additional. and possibly HUGE body changes in store. Seriously, I've started counting my age BACKWARD!

Call it intuition...or the power of the focused mind....but I'm convinced that
"cannabinoid depletion" is the root of about 90% of all human disease.

...so, no wonder our lovely plant its a "controlled substance" .....we can't have people living long and productive lives filled with joy and laughter....no telling what we'd get up to!

I love you, granny...you are a heroine to me and i bless you every day.
you are beautiful,

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#29 Methusela



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Posted 18 August 2011 - 09:54 AM

Granny, you veritably rock.

So do you, Ion Magic:

I get my CBDs from organic, outdoor homegrown sativas....and I medicate by eating and topical oils, rather than smoking or vaping. I've started counting my age BACKWARD!

See: that's exactly where I want to be.

Alas, I don't live in a legalized State. Yet, I want ORGANIC; and edibles.

First of all, can you share your cooking methods to optimize CBD extraction (temperature, type of oil, etc...) for edibles? I would never use means of extraction such as Methyl Alcohol........

And then: any ideas on how to obtain organic sativas (preferably without getting arrested)? Posted Image That if if you are, like me, NOT in a position to grow your own? Yes, I assume it must be really tough.
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#30 KaK


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Posted 18 August 2011 - 11:15 AM

very awesome info thanks for being u . KaK
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#31 indigurl


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Posted 19 August 2011 - 02:25 PM

You can build your own vape. I put up a pdf awhile back called "build your own bong https://www.greenpas...__1#entry369349 . Its really not too tough though I would use a somewhat higher wattage iron and add a light dimmer to the circuit to control temp. You can use a cheapie infa-red thermometer like this http://www.homedepot...catalogId=10053 to set your temp.

Awesome info! I had been looking into this and getting info here and there! Knew I should have just searched here.... Thanks for the links... this rocks!
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#32 Knowledgebase



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Posted 26 January 2013 - 10:07 PM

  • Unfortunately there is always degeneration above 150C... Now I have a method..was suppose to be a secret... Well, I'll be open... it requires a full melt concentrate...
  • You can will need an accurate gun capable of going below below 60 degrees celcius with a low to strong fan, a screen, a razorblade and scraping tools.
  • It uses melting points, wax and thc will both be liquid enough to be blown through a filter, at 55 degrees Celsius, cbd isomer mix melts at 66 degrees. cbn's at 77. This is the difference that allows this to occur NO DEGENERATION.
  • Everything can be collected and saved!

#33 HealthSeek


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Posted 27 November 2013 - 02:38 PM

Just came across this little gem for those who want CBD, but not THC.



Patients can use heat to fractionate or separate the active ingredients in cannabis by their vaporization or boiling points. In particular for those patients that need relief from pain, inflammation, muscle spasm and or anxiety during the daytime CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that once separated from THC. CBD is a uniquely potent antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain barrier in addition to CBD�s ability to reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation outside the CNS (Central Nervous System). Interestingly, CBD is claimed in United States Patent 6,630,507, which notably has been assigned to the United States of America Dept of Health and Human Services. In particular note the definitions of Oxidative Associated Diseases for which CBD is ideally suited.

Once convinced of the utility of this non-psychoactive phyto-cannabinoid, the challenge is how to extract it from cannabis. Of the strains in this county Northern Lights has the highest CBD concentration at 1.0%. Since a pound of cannabis weighs 454 grams, there is 4.5 grams of CBD available. Another strain, White Russian has 2.0% CBD. White Russian is reportedly sensitive to mold but if compatible with your environment, it would be a 100% improvement in CBD concentration. While some might raise their eyebrows at the low amount of CBD present per pound of cannabis, it is important to know that there is 10 to 100 times more CBD per pound of cannabis than Vit C per pound of fresh oranges, for oranges 3 months old it would require 20 to 200 times as much raw material to produce an equivalent 500 mg daily dose.

An article in The Journal of Autoimmunity showed that at particular mouse strain that develops diabetes 86% of the time and is the animal model on which oral and injectable anti-diabetic medications are tested, when given 5 mg/kg body weight per day, 60% DID NOT GO ON TO DEVELOP DIABETES. This would have to be the greatest demonstration of an �ounce� of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There was poster presented at the International Cannabinoid Research Society meeting this last summer that used a dose of 10 mg/ kg which would be equivalent to 1,000 mg / day for 190 pound patient.

Specifically, since Delta 9 THC vaporizes at 157 degrees centigrade and CBD vaporizes at 188 degrees centigrade, this difference can be used to separate these components. Given the predominance of THC (94% of all cannabinoids present) it is necessary to lower the THC content before collecting the CBD or the level of intoxication is so prohibitive as to prevent access to an adequate amount of CBD. The most efficient approach is to use a variable temperature heat gun. This can be calibrated the heat gun to 166 degree centigrade with the Fluke Digital Thermometer available in the waiting room. At this temperature THC is converted into a vapor and removed. Now you have pre-heated low THC cannabis which can be placed in a collection vaporizer such as a Volcano set at the 6 position or if you have a digital at 190 degrees centigrade to convert CBD from a liquid to a vapor. If there is too much residual THC effect you can raise the preheat temperature to 176 degrees centigrade because a few strains do have some Delta 8 THC, which vaporizes at 175 degrees compared to Delta 9, which vaporizes at 157 degrees centigrade. Please note that I carry a Fluke digital thermometer with which you can calibrate your variable temperature heat gun.

Alternatively the high CBD cannabis created by stripping out the THC can be used by any means if you do have access to a collecting vaporizer. The amount of THC removed is a function of how finely the cannabis was ground to increase the surface area and how long it is heated. It requires a shift in thinking in that there can be powerful medical benefits without the familiar THC effect, for many older patients this can be comforting information. Once again to develop an appreciation for the breadth of medical utility attributed to CBD please review the patent currently held by the United States a copy of which is available at www.LeavesOf Grass.info.

157 C = 315 F, 175 C = 349 F, 190 C = 374 F It appears that if one person wanted the THC effect, and another just wanted the CBD, they could both get what they want from the same vaping by adjusting the temperature! The THC lover goes first, then a 2nd higher temperature session for the CBD patient! - Granny :peace1:

I got some buds, have no idea which variety. The scent was so strong, it caused palpitations, dizziness, etc..

In simple words, how can I remove the THC safely. I found out that I do not have the enzyme CYPs 450 3AC and others
that makes me unable to metabolize THC.

I tried the oil by they way, which contained THC. It made me extremely ill, lasting for several months. I read my Genomics testing from a few years back, and found out, that I should avoid THC. It does not say THC A.

If boiling those buds, would it remove the THC completely, or would it turn in THC A?

What about the leaves, would it contain THC or THC A if eaten raw, and green?

Thanks, learning, and desperate to take this medicinal plant.

#34 kittypup



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Posted 30 November 2013 - 08:29 PM

Hey Healthseek... sorry I didn't see this earlier. The best I can do on this is here.... SR's NN recipe. Here he explains some of what you are talking about a bit better than I could. If you can tolerate THC-A then either eating raw/juicing and or the NN should work for you. Here's the link.... just read through and he explains about the temps and conversions. https://www.greenpas...post__p__504658 Hope this helps and wishing you the best of luck finding a way that works well for you! Hugs!
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